How Increased Truth Will Modification How You Buy Furniture


If picturing how a new sofa will look in your living-room is an ability you’ve never mastered, take heart. In the future, your mobile phone will have the ability to do it for you.This fall, Lenovo, the Chinese tech company, will unveil the Phab 2 Pro, a smartphone with an oversized screen more than 6 inches large and a unique capability: It will be able to see. Not the method we human beings do, but pretty close.


Your home That Love Constructed

I enjoy James Lees-Milne’s stories of National Trust houses, postwar stories of houses constructed on dynasties and coming apart. There is the unique house, the one developed on love, for a muse, a mistress, a loved partner. In Virginia Woolf’s brief masterpiece, A Haunted House, the ghosts are content, the walls of the house thrumming with whispers of peace, a happy marriage.


Window dressing: Alan Titchmarsh on picking plants for your conservatory

State conservatory to a plant enthusiast and their mind s eye goes straight into arboretums mode, creating banks of tender exotics showed on cast-iron staging in a warm, steamy environment under a sophisticated glass roofing system. But when you mention the exact same word to anyone else, they instantly consider a sophisticated additional room with rattan furniture for unwinding or amusing.